Julia Trushina

Julia Trushina

Julia Trushina is one of the first specialists on social media marketing in Russia.

I make social media marketing for companies who are interested in Russian market and want the promotion for Russian clients in Vk.com, Instagram and Facebook.

I work with european companies in Italian and English.

My specialization is social media strategy and social media research.

I graduated from the St.-Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics in “Information systems in marketing and advertising.”

In 2007 I defended my PhD thesis in Marketing.

During the last 8 years I have implemented more than 80 projects in social media.

I have experience of working with social media in the following areas:
- trips in Italy
- hotels and apartments in  Italy
- regions of Finland for Russian tourists
- fashion brands
- restaurants (top in Moscow)
- malls
- web-services
- events
- FMCG brands
- trainings
- stylist and makeup services
- telecommunication
- coffeeshops
- personal brand for the entrepreneur
- language school

I worked with Finnish touristic companies and created the social media strategies for them, being also responsible for their promotion in Russian social media. I provided consulting services, held a series of trainings and organized blogger trips as well.

I managed the research project for the regions of Finland concerning consumer behaviour of Russian tourists in social media, blogger relations and promo of several destinations.

I am the author of the following trainings:
- Sales and marketing of Finnish travel agencies for Russians using social networks
- Russian social media marketing for Finnish companies

I am an experienced conference speaker in the fields of internet-marketing and tourism.